The health and safety of our patients, their owners, and our staff goes first.

Prevention Measures in Forest Hill Veterinary Hospital We ask that you pull into a parking slot and give us a call when you arrive. Please remain in your vehicle with your pet. We will discuss your needs by phone, and at the end of the phone conversation, an employee will come to your car to bring your pet into the building for examination. When the evaluation is complete, we will discuss any findings and recommendations over the phone. Payment will be taken over the phone to limit face-to-face contact, and then we will return your pet to you.

** Please have all cats in carriers and dogs on a short leash.**

Until further notice, clients will not be permitted in the hospital unless prior arrangements have been made with our team. If you need prescription medications, heartworm or flea control refills, or prescription diets, please call ahead to give us time to fill your order. When you arrive, call us. We will accept payment over the phone and deliver your pet’s necessary supplies to your vehicle.