Microchips & Vaccines

Oral health contributes to your pet’s overall health

Vaccinating Your Pet

Cats and dogs both require regular vaccinations to stay happy and healthy over time. These vaccines help prevent fatal diseases, such as rabies, distemper, and parvovirus. Keeping them up to date on their shots allows you to worry less and enjoy the years with them! Please keep in mind that puppies and kittens are often at the highest level of risk when they contract these communicable diseases, so make sure you’re bringing your young pets in immediately after adding them to your family.

Microchipping Your Pet

Have you ever had a cat slip past you out the front door or a dog hop over a fence? These events are all too common, especially during celebrations or other big life events. To prevent this from meaning permanent separation from your canine and feline companions, we suggest all pets in the Auburn area get microchipped. The process is quick, easy, and nearly painless for your pet. When they’re picked up by a neighbor or anyone else, your pet will be scanned for a chip at a vet’s office or animal services. They’ll be able to contact you and let you know where to pick up your wandering family member!

Vet in Auburn, Washington

Forest Hill Veterinary Hospital offers pet microchipping & vaccines in Auburn, Lake Tapps, Kent, Enumclaw and the surrounding areas.

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3240 Auburn Way S,
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Hospital Hours

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